New Zealand is Lonely Planet's "Place to Stay"

Posted by Heidi on 29 October 2010

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New Zealand is THE PLACE TO STAY !
New Zealand won a prestigious travel award from Lonely Planet, the world's most famous guidebook - in the inaugural Lonely Planet Awards.
Thousands of British travellers voted online in various categories for the awards - which showcase some of the most fantastic places and experiences around the world.
New Zealand topped the category "I'd happily stay forever in...."
Tourism NZ CEO said that the win proved that NZ would always remain a popular choice with holiday makers - New Zealand is a great holiday destination for international visitors.

"People come here for the scenery, leave talking about the warmth and hospitality of our people. This combination has helped us win this award from our visitors"

The Lonely Planet on Nelson as a holiday destination: 
"Nelson is dishing up a winning combination of great weather, beautiful surroundings, popular arts events and a high number of charming wooden houses"

Extracted from Tourism News Sept 2010 - Lonely Planet Media Release