Wendekreisen - Koru Star 2 ST Premium

Features: Available from 1 June 2017 - fully certified NZ standard, LDV V80 model, hot and cold water, 3 seat belts in driver cab, LPG gas heating

KORU Star 2 ST Premium - Available from 1 June 2017 

Available from 1st June 2017. The Wendekreisen Koru Star 2ST Premium aims to up the standards on our newer LDV vehicle fleet. The rear lounge offers a comfortable U-shape style seating arrangement with additional storage below the far rear of the vehicle.

 Three front seats, the passenger airbag disable switch and a large bed also offer a compact solution for up to 3 travellers. The hardwired stereo TV sound system and LPG gas heating deliver comfort on cold or rainy days.

The Koru Star 2ST Premium features a range of modern materials and appliances. The entire interior furniture is made from durable plywood, covered by hard wearing yet visually attractive Formica veneer. The appliances feature a 85l fridge, 2 stove gas cooking, a shower toilet cubicle, a large and comfortable bed and generous storage compartments.

Standard features include the onboard computer system with reversing camera, LPG central gas heating, hardwired COAX cabling (for TV) as well as dual 12V power supply ports. Two roof vents help to ventilate the vehicle.

This vehicle is our latest campervan model, built in our very own manufacturing plant in Auckland.
This vehicle is certified self contained in accordance with New Zealand Standard 5465:2001.


2-flame gas stove

Hot and cold water

85l Fridge (12V)


Shower and modern cassette toilet

Electric heater (240V)

LPG gas heating system (1.9kw)

3 Seatbelts in cab

Fusion bluetooth stereo system

19' TV hardwired to stereo

Ambient LED Lighting


LDV V80, 100KW, Turbo 2017 model or newer

2.5l Diesel TDCI

6 Speed Manual

Air-conditioning in Cab

Tabloid computer and reverse Camera

Cruise Control, ABS & EBD

Remote Keyless Entry

Driver and Passenger Airbag

Passenger Airbag Disable Switch

Anti Theft Security System

Fuel consumption: approx 9 litres/100 km

Fuel tank : 80 litres

Water tank : 72 litres

Grey water : 80 litres

Length: 6.1m / Width: 2.0m / Height: 2.55m / Interior Height: 1.85m

Bed Size : 1830 x 1800 mm (Double)