Walkabout Motorhomes

Travelling in New Zealand with a hire Campervan or Motorhome from Walkabout Rentals allows you the choice of freedom!

Stay a night anywhere in New Zealand in your RV - be it summer or winter.

Come and see our beautiful New Zealand scenery while travelling in one of Walkabout's Luxury vehicles, and explore the striking contrasts of New Zealand's land and activities. With over 300 camp grounds and Holiday Parks in New Zealand you are never far away from your adventure, whether it be fishing in a lake or the sea, snow skiing, a helicopter flight etc. So much to see and to do!

The brand new Fiat 2 Berth S/T (PRESTIGE) have arrived
Can be booked for travel from 8 October 2013 !


All Walkabout rental vehicles are equipped with the following:
Plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, bottle and can opener, cooking utensils, mixing bowls ice cube tray, chopping board, kettle, frying pan, saucepans, teapot, toaster, dishcloth, microwave cookware, bucket, hose, dustpan and brush, pegs, pillows and pillowcases sheets and duvets , towels and tea towels, toilet paper, toilet chemicals, gas lighter, and fire extinguisher, also a full LPG gas bottle.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT – to be booked at time of reservation:
4 str picnic table = NZ$22.00 per rental
Colour TV (3 berths) = NZ$65.00 per rental
Child /booster seat = NZ$30.00 per rental
Picnic chair = NZ$11.00 per rental
Chemical toilet (3 berths) = NZ$35 per rental

NEW From November 2011


Now you can stay in touch with your friends and family while you are on holiday in New Zealand in a Walkabout Motorhome

We have now added mobile broadband internet with WI-FI access to our motorhomes. You can access the internet from almost anywhere you go in your Walkabout Motorhome, so bring your laptop and stay in touch with the rest of the World.

Any internet applications that you have on your laptop can be used, for example: e-mail, web surfing, skype phone calls etc. You can even research what to do in New Zealand whilst you are on the road.

For laptops that do not have Wi-fi capability we can supply a network cable so you can still connect to the internet.

If you are a family that has more than one laptop with you then you can all connect at the same time.

How much does it cost ?

We have priced the internet access on data volume and not connect time to give the fairest and most economical service. We have established two pricing options to suit different lengths of hires and different users. 

*For those people renting for a short period we have an option priced at $100.00 which gives you 250MB of data download/upload.

*For people renting for an extended period we have a second option priced at $200.00 which gives you 1GB (1000MB) of data download/upload.

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