Interislander - KAITAKI Cook Strait Ferry

Features: Kaitaki 180 metres long, room for 1600 passengers & 600 cars - 2 cinemas, a foodcourt, 250 seat bar, restaurant and lots more.

Kaitaki Cook Strait Interislander Ferry

Facilities include:
Kaitaki means 'Challenger' in Maori. This ship has room for up to 1600 passengers and is the largest ferry in New Zealand waters. Kaitaki offers a tourism and travel experience like no other.

Kaitaki Plus
Kaitaki Plus is a premium lounge available to travelers on the Kaitaki Ship.

* Fully serviced Lounge for maximum up to 100 passengers
* Priority check in

Ask here for more details on Kaitaki Plus

Onboard Facilities

* A large open plan foodcourt, coffee kiosks
* A large bar with stage area for live bands
* Two movie theatres, arcade games
* Children's play area
* Large observation decks
* Onboard shops
* Passenger cabins