Rentals of Motorhomes:

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Where can I pick up and/or drop off my motorhome?
Pick up and drop off location depend on the company the motorhome is hired from. Main locations are Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Picton and Queenstown

Additional One-way hire fee for dropping off the motorhome at a different location than where I picked it up from?
Some companies charge one way fees – we will give you this information at time of your enquiry / quotation being sent.

Is there an additional fee if I pick up/drop off my motorhome on a public holiday?
Some companies charge extra fees for pick up / returning vehicles on Public Holidays.

What time can I pick up / drop off my motorhome?
Usually between 8 am until 4:30 pm. There may be exceptions.

What's involved in the motorhome pick up process & how long does it take?
You should allow up to one hour for the pick up process to be completed. This includes completion of the Rental Vehicle Agreement, sighting of your Drivers Licence (and the Drivers License(s) for any additional drivers), as well as a detailed introduction to your motorhome.

If I pick up my motorhome at 2.00pm on Monday and drop it off before 12.00pm on the Saturday does that count for only a 5-day hire?
No, all hires are calculated on a calendar day rate rather than a 24-hour basis, with the day of pick up counting as one day and the day of drop off counting as another. So in this example it would be classed as a 6-day hire.

Do you offer transfers to your depot to pick up my motorhome?
There are usually free Transfers from Airports, nearby Accommodation and ferry terminals. On pick up day and after completion of your hire.

Is there a minimum hire period?
The minimum hire period and cost is usually 7 days. This is extended to 14 days or more for peak season travel between mid December and End of February.

Do you offer long hire discounts?
Usually a long hire discount applies or reduced hire rates are in place for hires 21+ days.

Is there a refund of part of my hire charge if I return the motorhome earlier than I originally booked?
No, there is no refund if you return your vehicle earlier than booked.

What do I need to do before returning the motorhome?
Before dropping your motorhome off at the agreed depot, please ensure you have:

  • Filled up the fuel tank with petrol/diesel (at a service station within 3kms of the drop off depot). There is no need to refill the LPG bottle.

  • Emptied the waste water and toilet cassette at a designated Dump Station located near to your drop-off point.

  • Disposed of any rubbish.

  • Checked that all personal belongings have been removed from the storage lockers, overhead compartments & from the security safe.

Are there any cancellation fees if I cancel my booking before travelling?
Yes, cancellation fees do apply – see terms and conditions page for more details.

Can I change or amend the details of my booking before travelling?
Yes, once a booking is confirmed and availability allows you can amend your hire up to 28 days prior to your pick up date with no penalty.
Change of dates and locations may attract a relocation fee.

Can I take my pet on holiday in the motorhome with us?
No, animals of any kind are not permitted inside the motorhome. The only exception are guide dogs, subject to the prior approval of Pacific Horizon at the time of booking.

Can I smoke inside the motorhome?
Smoking is not allowed in any hire vehicles.

Where can I drive my motorhome?
Generally all hire motorhomes can be driven on all sealed/bitumen or well-formed gravel roads.

No vehicle is to be driven on the following roads:

  • 90 Mile Beach, Northland

  • Colville Township to Port Jackson, Coromandel

  • Ball Hut Road, Mt Cook

  • Skippers Canyon Road, Queenstown

Are there any Toll roads in New Zealand?
There are currently three toll roads in New Zealand, all of which are located in the top half of the North Island, located at:

  • The Northern Gateway toll road (State Highway 1, approx 40kms north of central Auckland)

  • The Tauranga Eastern Link toll road (State Highway 2, just south of Tauranga)

  • The Tauranga Takitimu Drive toll road (State Highway 29, west of Tauranga city)

Driving on any of these toll roads incurs a toll fee (of approximately NZ$5.00). This fee needs to be paid within 5 working days, with payment to be made via the NZTA Toll roads web page - selecting the "Buy or pay a toll" link.

Do your motorhomes take petrol or diesel?
Depending on the model and vehicle either petrol or diesel.

What equipment is supplied with my motorhome?
Generally all Motorhomes are fully equipped and are stocked with all required living equipment, including bedding (sheets, pillows, pillow cases & duvets), shower & tea towels, glasses, crockery, eating utensils and cooking items.

Additional equipment including Picnic tables & chairs, Baby/Child seats, Bike racks, Snow chains and GPS units are available for hire. These items should be confirmed at the time of booking.

Can I get WiFi with my Motorhome?
Wifi is available at extra cost.

Free WiFi Hotspots are also available in many major cities and towns of New Zealand, including most of New Zealand's public libraries and i-Site Visitor Information Centres, as well as a growing number of cafes, restaurants and campgrounds for their customers to use. A map of all New Zealand's i-Site locations is available here.

Is there a minimum age to hire a motorhome?
Yes, the minimum age to hire is 21.

Do I need a special drivers licence to drive a motorhome?
No, a normal car licence is all that is required, provided it is a valid and full national drivers licence. No heavy vehicle or special category licence is needed. Non-English language drivers licences must be presented in conjunction with an official translation, or a valid international drivers licence must be shown.

More information is available on the Visiting drivers page of the New Zealand Transport Agency's website here.

Is there an extra charge for any extra driver(s)?
Sometimes yes but mostly no extra driver charge. All extra drivers must also be over the age of 21 years, and must also present their full driver’s licence at motorhome pick up.

Any oither questions - contact us here.